Alexander McIlwraith

Farm Business Registration

This project was a product redesign of a registration and renewal application for a government agency.

  • Simplify process to drive increased traffic to online channel
  • Provide a responsive layout for mobile and desktop

On this project, I was the lead designer, negotiating with various business stakeholders to ensure that business requirements met requirements to complete business tasks, working with business analysts to ensure that requirements were captured and writing the interaction parts of the business requirement documents and was responsible for the implementation of the visual design. Goals of this project included:

  • Reflecting corporate goal of making it easier to do business with us
  • Reducing programme administration costs by increasing online use, with a goal of 90% of registrations using the online channel in 4 years

Design exploration

  • Wireframe #1
  • Wireframe #2
  • Wireframe #3
  • Wireframe #4
  • Wireframe #5
  • Wireframe #6
  • Wireframe #7
  • Wireframe #8
  • Identified ways that the form could be simplified, number of fields reduced and minimised impact of stakeholder required optional fields
  • Implemented a progressive disclosure design, using an accordion-style layout, allowing users to easily understand their progression through the process
  • To help first-time users a similar journey was created through the new registration process
  • Developers constrained by requirement to use out-of-box functionality where possible
  • Designed and implemented a visual design consistent with corporate brand implemented, creating a visual design guide to be used for this and future projects

Process and approach

  • Conducted workshops with business stakeholders, developers and business analysts develop a common understanding of business requirements and ideate around problematic areas of the product to develop solutions to business needs
  • Research had suggested that in order to increase online use a decrease in the quality of the call centre would be required as users enjoyed talking to the agency's call centre staff
  • Through discussions with stakeholders, i determined that information which could be passed over should be grouped towards the end of the user's workflow
  • Identified what information needed to be collected and what option could be optionally updated
  • An evaluation of the use and performance of other government forms was completed to ensure that actions could be easily recognised by users
  • Research has shown that the more complex a form is, the lower the completion rate so, our goal was to present information in a way that did not discourage conversions
  • Heuristic analysis and consultation with HCi experts were used as a substitute to user testing
  • Time and budget for user research on this project were limited

Final design

  • A screenshot acceptance testing system of the Confirm eligibility screen.
  • A screenshot of the separate, but similar, application flow allowed users to apply for a new farm business registration.
  • The update saw an almost 150% increase in traffic to the product and saw a 112% increase in conversions